Fuzeblocks.com has designed a fuse block that is easy to install and fits into a small space. The on board relay offers the choice for any device to be switched on or off automatically with the vehicle or to be powered constantly.

With the FZ-1 in place you can power all kinds of motorcycle accessories including, but not limited to, auxiliary lighting, GPS, radar detector, CB/FRS/GMRS radio, heated grips, XM radio, audio mixers, intercom system and any other device requiring 10A or less. Any of these accessories can have constant or switched power by simply placing the fuse in the correct position for the power desired.

Installation for the FZ-1 fuse block requires no crimping. All connections are made by heavy duty screw terminals that can accept up to a 12 gauge wire. All the FZ-1 needs is +12VDC, ground and a +12VDC switched source to make it fully functional. The unique board layout provides six individually fused circuits that can supply constant or switched power for each accessory depending on your needs. Check out all the features the FZ-1 has to offer and you'll agree that it makes powering your accessories easy.

Normally, to have switched and constant power for your accessories, two fuse blocks are required. One is wired directly to the battery for constant power and the second fuse block is wired through a relay for switched power. The FZ-1 eliminates the need to wire two fuse blocks by providing both types of power in one unit. It reduces the wiring by more than half and allows you to select what type of power you want for each output. The FZ-1 is easy to install, reduces the amount of wiring time required and is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The unit is great for experts who want a simple installation and for novices who are electrically challenged.

Check out our FAQ section to learn more about the FZ-1 and find out why it is one of the best solutions for powering accessories on your vehicle.

The Fuzeblocks.com FZ-1 was featured in the Feb 2009 BMW MOA Owners News. See what John Brown had to say about the FZ-1.


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Featured Articles

Fuzeblocks.com is lucky enough to have these publications share their experience with the FZ-1. We appreciate any and all feedback on our products.

Curt Gran
Fuzeblocks.com, LLC

Road Runner

FZ-1 article in RoadRunner by Robert Lamishaw

Trail Rider

Get your copy of Trail Rider March 2010 edition and read the article (P.8-9) by Paul Clipper on the FZ-1.

SideStand Up

SideStand Up is a great radio show put on by Tom Loudermilk and friends. Tim Bowman is Tom's gadget guy and has put the Fuzeblocks.com FZ-1 in his Top 10 Gadget Gift List for 2009.

BMW Owners News

BMW Owners News has featured an article (1.7MB PDF) (02/2009) on the FZ-1 fuzeblock written by MixItProducts's John Brown.